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TV, refrigerator and washing machine: repair or buy a new one?

Unexpectedly some electronics or household appliance can leave us at hand and in some cases…

How to set up a business event budget

Setting the budget for a business event is one of the most important steps to ensure that it will be a success. In general, the document consists of all the products and services that will be hired for the occasion and their respective values. The budget worksheet is the ideal tool to organize this information and ensure that the cost of the event is initially stipulated by the client. Here’s how to set your event budget and learn how to set up a spreadsheet to manage your costs: See for details

What can you expect to get a loan?

There are people who already know that “the lower the APR (the annual percentage rate…

Loans as asset class

We have repeatedly reported in our blog posts about financing of various kinds. But for…